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About Us

Yacoubian Muay Thai was founded in 2014 in Chatsworth, California by Kru Shawn Yacoubian. He has over 30 years of training, practice and fight experience in Martial Arts; specifically with Muay Thai, Kickboxing & Boxing.

In 2015, Kru Shawn Yacoubian partnered up with Kru Luis Reyes of Kings Combat Sports to grow the Yacoubian Muay Thai program and give the students the opportunity to train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with a World Ranked Black Belt under Jean Jacques Machado.

Kru Shawn Yacoubian

Shawn was introduced to Martial Arts at the age of 15 where he began training with Vince Murdocco. He continued practice by enrolling into the world famous Benny Urquiedez's Jet Center where he took Karate, Kickboxing & Boxing early on, then moved on to Muay Thai.

When the Jet Center closed down Mark Parra founded House of Champions where Shawn extensively trained under Peter "Sugarfoot" Cunningham & Rick O'Kane, then Kru Nokweed Sriampai giving him a well rounded arsenal of techniques to develop a versatile fighting system.

He has traveled to Thailand & Holland for training & has fought abroad professionally. Throughout his years of experience in training, sparring & fighting, Shawn's passion has become passing down his knowledge for his students to accomplish goals thru Martial Arts.


Kru Luis Reyes 

Luis Reyes has been a true martial arts fanatic his whole life. Not only has he trained in multiple arts (Tae Kwon Do, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA & Muay Thai) but he knows how to implement his knowledge according to the chosen rule set.

He began learning Muay Thai from the late Kru Rex then fought under Kru Neil winning 3 Amateur titles in Muay Thai with his most recent title being at the age of 37.

Luis has had a long competition career which began in Taekwondo winning many awards along the way. Luis has high recognition for his many accomplishments such as being on the US National Team for 10 years. He has represented the US in the World Championship’s, World Cup’s, Collegiate Worlds and PanAm Championships.

Luis's other passion has been bjj earning a black belt under the World Famous Jean Jacques Machado. Among his BJJ accomplishments headlines his 2021 2x World Masters Champion in Jiu jujitsu and still is an active competitor.

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Coach Daniel Saadeh

Daniel has been training in martial arts since the age of 9 beginning with Tae Kwon Do then moving on to boxing by age of 13.

Daniel trained at the House of Champions and competed in several USA Boxing events where he got fight experience. Daniel first met Shawn Yacoubian at the House of Champions then later was reintroduced in 2018when he began training under Shawn in Muay Thai.

While training at YMT Academy Daniel has been able to live a positive lifestyle and pursue his interest in competing in Muay Thai & Kickboxing.

Daniel's passion for a healthy lifestyle grew into becoming a NASM certified personal trainer and began to share his knowledge by transitioning into becoming an instructor at YMT.

Yacoubian Sitydong August 2021 Done-86.jpg

Coach Cesar Pacol

During the late 1980's to early 2000 Cesar competed in Continuous Sparring (Technical Sparring in today's standard) at Martial Arts tournaments and won several titles. During the years at The Jet Center and HOC Cesar became known for his footwork and using combinations with angles.
He was fortunate not only to learn from Legends and Champions but sparred with top amateur/pro fighters and champions such as Danny Steele and Shawn Yacoubian.
When he retired from competing, he taught students who competed along with giving him tome to train his two sons Brandon & Jason.
Cesar is grateful to share his experience and knowledge at YMT and continues to develop and build students to become fighters in the ring and life.

Credentials - Black belts in Kajukenbo -WHKD (Sifu Dacascos), CPK Kenpo-Kickboxing (Sensei Cecil Peoples and Willie Hernandez), Jet Center Certified Kickboxing Instructor (Uriquidez), HOC Kickboxing Black Sash (Mark Parra), Kapap Krav Maga (Jacov Bressler). Noted Student of GM Douglas Wong (kung-fu) and Sensei Peter Sugarfoot Cunningham

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Coach Christian Andrade


Christian's journey with Martial Arts began in 2012 when he was 220 lbs and in search for something new to loose weight and stay healthy. He stumbled upon Muay Thai and began training with Kru Shawn and has been ever since. 

Over the years of training he lost weight, competed several times and expanded his knowledge in boxing.

Christian loves to see change in his students as the sport has done for him.

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Coach Robert Lemus


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