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Egg Weights

2 lb hand weights
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Product Details

Get the best hand weights on the market priced exclusively thru YMT Academy.

2, 3, 4lbs or 3lb custom sets

  • Oval design that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand
  • Outer easy grip rubber shell has finger loops to provide a secure fit
  • Add weight to your warm-ups, shadowboxing, roadwork and more to improve cardio endurance, muscular endurance and increasing your punching power
  • Scientifically proven to increase the intensity of any workout by 28-62%!
  • Weights are listed as total per pair, example 4 lbs = 2 lbs per hand.

These rubber hand grips are what make our Egg Weights so portable. Egg Weights are handheld free weights for shadowboxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts training, running, walking, sports training, cardio dance, stationary biking, yoga, cardio, plyometrics, marathon training, and much more! These grips are the perfect accessory for the Egg Weights and add to the safety and overall ease of your workout. While most exercises involve either cardio elements or weight training, these weights will mix things up for you and give you the ability to have both in one simple workout. With these weights and special finger grips, you can combine both cardio and resistance training. Additionally, they work great for both men and women. Flex your creative muscles while you walk to supercharge each workout. For fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike, getting a good workout routine together is essential to maintaining your fitness levels. Many people have difficulty making time for an adequate workout routine that includes both cardio and resistance training. However, with our Egg Weights and accessories, you can combine each of these elements into single exercises for a more tactical approach to training, punching out results. These weights have a plastic covering with a loop on top for your finger and also feature bumps on the sides for easy gripping action. You won’t need to wrap anything around your hands or wrists. From CrossFit training to your morning walk with the dogs, take these weights along to maximize the effects of your workout. These weights are small enough to be used by male and female athletes alike. Our weights help you hone your strength and skills in various areas. Change up your workout routine and take charge of your training by implementing these convenient hand weights into your daily exercise.

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